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Mishel Bunkley

Mishel Bunkley received her B.A. in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She recently completed her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Wheaton College. Throughout her college career she enjoyed her job as an Applied Behavior Analyst for children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Some of Mishel’s professional interests include: spectrum disorders, family studies, cross-cultural counseling and international psychology, human trafficking, violence against women, and self-image related issues.
Women For Action: What has been your biggest accomplishment?
Mishel Bunkley: I recently completed my masters program in marriage and family therapy. I hope to be able to incorporate what I learned in my program in working on human rights issues. Advocating for the passing of the HB 3061 Bill has been one of my most satisfying volunteer experiences. This bill caused for the sealing of non-violent offenders records to better allow employment and housing opportunities that would otherwise be denied. I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful team and several community based organizations whose hard work made the passing of HB 3061 possible in 2013. 

Women For Action: What impacted you to work towards advancing women's issues?
Mishel Bunkley: Both of my parents inspired me to get involved with human rights issues in general.  However, my mother specifically influenced me to work on women's issues. From a young age, she educated me on patriarchal issues within religious institutions and in our culture. My parents always let me know that my choices and voice are important even when others try to deny it. It was heart-breaking for me to find out so many women do not feel the same way. I want my contributions in this world to help change that.  

Women For Action: What sort of challenges would you like to see women overcome?
Mishel Bunkley: I would like to see removal of barriers on education, especially with young girls. There are too many ways girls are discouraged from pursuing education and this happens all over the world. I want to see girls and women empowered by using their minds. Gender-based violence is another obstacle I want to see eradicated. I believe the first step is raising awareness about the issue. It’s amazing how much of the population isn't even aware of this issue. Last week, I went a house which helps women who have been trafficked. Some of my friends and family could not believe there was a need for such an agency. They were shocked “that kind of thing” happens in their neighborhood.